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Site search plugin for Wolf CMS

Since Wolf CMS does not have a standard search functionality in the core, I decided to see if I could program something suitable. First, I considered integrating Sphider (a full search engine that spiders your pages, similar to Google or other search engines). In the end, I decided that a plugin with certain feature similar to Sphider would be better. It's being used here on this site, so you can test it, if you like. Here now, the details.

Site Search Plugin

Main features provided



Two new snippets, called site-search-form and site-search-results are created when you enable the plugin.


The language files can be found in the "i18n" folder. You can add your translations, if you wish. Do please send us your translation, if you have made one. Currently, the following translations are available:



Version 1.0.1, 27. September 2011 Version 1.0.1, 27. September 2011

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seven sagte ...
18. Oktober 2012, 18:39

Hi David, yes it's the original comments plugin that comes with wolfcms, but I have modified it quite a bit :)

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David sagte ...
22. September 2012, 20:34
Website von David

Hi! I was just grabbing this plugin for a new site :) and saw your comment form/list. It's very very nice! Is this native Wolf? or have are you using some third-party commenting system?

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seven sagte ...
08. September 2011, 16:30

Hi gabor,
no, not really, please look at the snippet called "site-search-results", you'll find the wording there. Update 27. September 2011: I've moved all texts from the "site-search-results" snippet to the language files now in Version 1.0.1. This is indeed better. Thanks gabor for pointing this out to me.

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gabor sagte ...
08. September 2011, 16:11

Is the "Displaying results" sentence really hardcoded as i could not find in the translation file? and could the "search" word be translated also?

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